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Released: 1987

Publisher: Ocean Software

Platforms: Sinclair Spectrum, , Amstrad CPC & PCW, MSX, Commodore C64, Atari ST

Z80 Programming: Jon Ritman

Art: Bernie Drummond

SFX & Music: Guy Stevens

History: Head over Heels used the isometric engine programmed for Batman with some modifications for 2 characters. It’s strange how the use of two characters was hailed as a creative masterstroke but at the time I just thought of it as a way to give slightly more complex puzzles. The game was twice the size of Batman, weighing in at 301 locations. Bernie’s graphics were better than ever and Guy’s little ditties livened up the platforms with hardware sound. An in-house programmer at Ocean (Colin Porche) did a line by line conversion to 6502 and 68000 and the code was so identical that the released version had the same bugs. I had to make modifications to a couple of locations for the C64 to lower the processor load but otherwise there was very little difference between the different platforms. The game got rave reviews for all versions including, for the first time, the C64 version.



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